Sterillium® Tissues

Sterillium® Tissues

Sterillium® Tissues

Practical hand disinfection on the road

Sterillium® Tissues protect reliably against infections such as bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses. Thanks to its practical shape, the Sterillium® Tissue provides safety in the workplace, on the road and in other hygienic-relevant situations.

Characteristics Sterillium® Tissue

  • Reliable activity against bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses
  • Refatting substances and skin protection components, skin-gentle
  • Practical to go


Bactercidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal, mycobactericidal, limited virucidal, adeno-, polyoma- and rotavirus



Areas of application - Sterillium® Tissue

For hygienic hand disinfection

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For skin disinfection of injections and puctures on sebaceous glands dry skin

For hygienic relevant areas in hospitals, Inpatient facilities and functional areas, industry and at home care


To order | Sterillium® Tissue

Size Folding box, 10 pieces, single sealed
Order No. H-9812290



  • Sterillium® Tissue
  • Sterillium® Tissue Application


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