Surface disinfection - Pre-soaked tissues

Surface disinfection - Pre-soaked tissues

Pre-soaked and ready-to-use disinfectant wipes for various uses and applicable on different surfaces and medical devices

  • Bacillol® Tissues

    Bacillol® Tissues

    Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes in a practical dispenser box for fast and convenient disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces and medical products.  More

  • Bacillol® AF Tissues

    Bacillol® AF Tissues

    The pre-soaked and ready-to-use disinfecting tissues Bacillol® AF Tissues are fast and comprehensively effective with good wetting and rapid drying. Thanks to the handy drape system, individual tissues can be safely and easily removed from the reclosable Flowpack packaging.  More

  • Mikrobac® Tissues

    Mikrobac® Tissues

    Alcohol-free disinfectant wipes for cleaning disinfecting alcohol-sensitive surfaces and sensitive medical products in convienient flowpack packaging.  More