Tychem® C protective oversleeves PPE

Tychem® 2000C protective oversleeves
  • Protection from chemical hazards
  • Protective clothing

Tychem® C protective oversleeves

Partial body chemical protective clothing for chemicals and biological agents

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Order No. (non-sterile - 25 pairs) 6455

Tychem® C protective oversleeves are certified as complex personal protection of the category III. The elasticated oversleeves have antistatic coating and are splash proof.

Product highlights:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) category III
  • Type tested and certified
  • Chemical protective equipment, category III, type 3-PB
  • Protection against infective and radioactive particles
  • Reliable protection against numerous water-based inorganic chemicals
  • Elastic band on wrist and upper arm
  • Particle-tight

Area of Application:

Tychem® C protective oversleeves are suitable for handling chemicals, oils and biological agents (including viruses).

  • Protection from chemical hazards

    Protection from chemical hazards

    Sign for the protection from chemical hazards according to DIN EN 374 and DIN EN 340. This applies esp. for protective gloves and protective clothing for the use with CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics).

  • Protective clothing

    Protective clothing

    Certified PPE

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