UV-C lamp for safety cabinets SAFETY CABINETS

UV-C lamp for safety cabinets

UV-C lamp for safety cabinets

UV-C disinfection system

The built-in UV C sterilisation system disinfects with a large disinfection effectiveness the workspace thanks to its high performance and shadowfree irradiation. A high irradiance at a wavelength of 254 nm ensures a rapid killing of microorganisms (for example, about 220μW / cm² according to the manufacturer of UV lamps for models with a width of 190 cm).

From this theoretical LD90 values (kill rate: 90%) yield of vegetative bacterial cells and yeast of <2 minutes, bacterial spores (Bacillus subtilis) <5 minutes DNA and RNA viruses gen gen <3 minutes, mushrooms <10 minutes. Few specific exemptions of certain viruses and fungal spores require higher exposure times, so as Aspergillus Niger (spores) about 25 minutes and specific HIV Virus (H9) 40 min.

The appropriate exposure time can be set via the timer on the centrally located touch screen.


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