Integrated wastemanagement

Waste transfer aerosoll-tight and safety cabinets

Wastemanagement - safety cabinet Claire® pro

Claire® pro & SealSafe® Sensor+ - The perfect symbiosis for safe wastemanagement

Dangerous chemical and biological waste from safety cabinets deserve special attention. The ability to transfer waste without leaving the safe workspace of the safety cabinet is the key to minimising cross-contamination.

The, for the Claire® specially adapted, waste disposal unit SealSafe® Sensor+ has been designed for receiving and air-tight sealing of waste.

Automatic transport of foil tube sealing after sealing process. Electrically operated sliding pane closes the waste chute safely.

Use of waste system

Contactless operation

Contactless operation

Using sensor technology, LED illumination function of the deposit chute, lateral deposit chute is easily accessible. Deposit chute on left or right.

Cut and seal facility

Cut and seal facility

No cross-contamination protection and spill risk. Minimises release of aerosols and cross-contamination. Waste disposal in sterile and safe environment.

Easy change of foil tube

Easy change of foil tube

Individual waste bag sizes possible. 3-layer polyethylene foil tube with high barrier properties (e.g. for cytostatics > 7 days).

Safe Waste Management

Safe waste mangement

Safe transfer and storage, up to inactivation in the aerosol-tight foil tube. No dangerous waste in any work areas.