Withdrawal cannula - Spikes

Withdrawal cannula - Spikes

  • Withdrawal cannula UltraSpike

    Withdrawal cannula UltraSpike

    State of the Art! Certified High End-Spike for maximum safety and best results with a 5 µm liquid filter, an integrated 0.1 µm air vent filter (PTFE) and a special vent system (Halkey Roberts Adapter) .  More

  • Withdrawal cannula UltraSpike II

    Withdrawal cannula UltraSpike II

    The new spike generation Ultraspike II with a Halkey-Roberts-Adapter for easy drainage of vials / bottles leaving virtually no residual volume  More

  • MicroSpike


    Withdrawal cannula for CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics) and mononuclear antibodies  More

  • Expert Knowledge Spikes

    Expert Knowledge Spikes

    Topic: Spikes with or without particle filter?  More