Berner UltraSpike II

Withdrawal cannula UltraSpike II
  • Latex free
  • PVC free

Berner UltraSpike II

To order | UltraSpike II - with plastic spike, without liquid filter

Order No. (50 pieces) 126217
The UltraSpike II was developed for the drip-proof and complete emptying of vials.

Due to the special side fixing clips the spike is positioned close to the plug of the vial. This means that the vial can be emptied leaving virtually no residual volume without pulling back the withdrawal cannula (which would disable the ventilation).

To provide additional safety for the user, the chemo spikes contain a large 0.1 µm PTFE Paclitaxel-resistant ventilation filter.

Like all UltraSpikes the UltraSpike II also contains a Halkey-Roberts valve. The special valve at the Luer-Lock-adapter opens automatically and closes again when disconnecting the syringe. It is non-drip, easy to sterilise and offers increased contamination protection.

Model without liquid filter for viscous substances and monoclonal antibodies.

Product Highlights:

  • For use with CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics, virostatics)
  • For draining small vials safelyWithdrawl cannula UltraSpike II - Request a quote now
  • The special valve opens and closes automatically during connection and disconnection
  • Drip-proof valve for increased contamination protection (easy to sterilize)
  • No extra cover necessary
  • 0.1 µm PTFE ventilation filter
    (protection against toxic aerosols - filtration efficiency: 99.9999997%)
  • Firm and safe and  fixation on vial
  • Especially suited for expensive substances, viscous substances and monoclonal antibodies
  • Suitable for Paclitaxel 
    No liquid filter (particle filter)
  • Latex-, PVC- and DEHP-free
  • For multiple extraction and injection
  • Pressure equalisation system 


  • Berner UltraSpike II during extraction 1
  • Berner UltraSpike II during extraction 2
  • Berner UltraSpike II during extraction 3
  • Withdrawal cannula  Berner UltraSpike II


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  • Latex free

    Latex free

    Product and/or packaging is latex free.

  • PVC free

    PVC free

    Product and/or packaging is PVC (Polyvinylchloride) free.

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