Worktops for safety cabinets SAFETY CABINETS

Worktops for safety cabinets

Worktops for safety cabinets

Worktops facilitate the cleaning of the safety cabinet. Depending on requirements and demands, you can create your safety cabinet with different worktops in various versions.

These are some examples of worktops:

  • with variuos width sizes
  • with different coutings depending on the application area
    • Teflon
    • Halar
  • with integrated sinks
  • with drop facility, left or right

Some examples of worktops:

teflon vs stainless steel Worktop with teflon couting (left) and stainless steel (right)
integrated sinks in safety cabinet Integrated sinks in worktops in the safety cabinet
Worktops in safety cabinets Worktops in safety cabinets


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