SpillKit emergency kit

Optimal preparation for spills in the laboratory or cleanroom.

Accidents that lead to the spillage and release of cytostatics, CRM drugs, microbiological antibodies or chemicals can never be 100% avoided, even with the greatest care and the best training. When handling cytostatics or other substances with CMR properties, this is a serious emergency, but one for which you can be very well prepared. Rapid containment and clean-up of the spill is particularly important here to directly prevent health risks and to avoid further spread of hazardous contamination in the work area.

For the elimination of such "spills" in laboratories, clean rooms or other places in the medical and pharmaceutical field, Berner therefore offers emergency kits or SpillKits to increase your laboratory safety. We offer you different variations of these kits with the appropriate protective clothing (PPE), all necessary auxiliary materials as well as documentation and accident report forms.