Decontamination with H202

Decontamination of safety cabinets with hydrogen peroxide

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide forms the basis for a particularly material-friendly, fast and cost-effective decontamination process for the inactivation of biological substances and genetically modified organisms in microbiological safety cabinets (VHP® process). H2O2 decontamination is currently the most effective and safest alternative to the previous formaldehyde standard. Based on the proven Steris systems VHP® X10 and VHP® 1000ED, Berner International offers a full service that covers all services related to the bio-decontamination of different safety cabinets. 

Advantages of Berner H2O2 decontamination technology

  • Uncomplicated and quick to perform: Duration 3 - 5 hours
  • Effective disinfection even in hard-to-reach areas of safety cabinets
  • Broad spectrum of activity and no development of resistance thanks to the destruction of a large number of biological structures
  • Guaranteed germ reduction by at least 6 log10 levels
  • Decomposition into harmless decomposition products results in environmentally friendly cleaning of safety cabinets
  • Residue-free, no subsequent cleaning of the safety workbench necessary
  • No annoying odours
  • Gentle on materials (also for electronic components)
  • Low hazard potential for people and the environment
  • Can be used for many safety cabinet models and sizes (including third-party manufacturers)
  • Comprehensive full-service offering reduces downtime
Our service by Berner International not only ensures a no-fuss technical decontamination process. We also support the preparation of measures and the implementation of official requirements for quick, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly H2O2 decontamination. This guarantees the desired decontamination success and ensures that downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

FAQ on H202 decontamination process

How long does the bio-decontamination of a safety cabinet using H2O2 take?
Depending on the size of the device, i.e. air volume, the entire bio-decontamination process takes 3 to 5 hours.

Can you work on the safety cabinet again immediately after bio-decontamination or carry out repairs?
No, the microbiological control of the results must confirm the successful bio-decontamination (evaluation of the biological indicators, BI for short).

What are the waiting times for the evaluation of the bio-indicators (BI)?
The laboratory time is 7 days. The time to create a laboratory protocol is added.

Can work be done in the room or at the safety cabinet during bio-decontamination?
No, it is not possible to work on the safety cabinet or in the room during bio-decontamination.

After bio-decontamination, does the laboratory have to be thoroughly cleaned?
No, due to our bio-decontamination process this is not necessary.

Does condensation occur inside the safety cabinet?
The process we use is a dry process. Condensation is thus excluded.

Could the electrical system of the safety cabinet be damaged?
No, there are no long-term observations, but this method is also used in air locks, through which sensitive measuring technology is introduced without showing any defects.

Further information on the H2O2 decontamination process

PDF H2O2-Dekontamination - Biodekontamination mit verdampften Wasserstoffperoxid

Also watch our video on the Berner safety cabinet decontamination service: