Repair SealSafe®

Our Sealsafe®

Our SealSafe® waste sealers have been used successfully in many laboratories for decades. The principle is based on sealing toxic or infectious waste directly in a special film tube with a high protective barrier to prevent aerosols from entering. In biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories, waste sealers are therefore an important protective device to ensure that employees are protected and legal requirements are met.

Should your SealSafe® unexpectedly need a repair, we will carry this out in-house! We offer these services for all models in the SealSafe, SealSafe Sensor+ and SealSafe pro series.

We require the following information for this service:

  • Welding unit of the waste sealer (without base frame!)
  • Mains cable
  • Foot switch (if available)
  • Fault description
  • Note on the cost estimate (if required)
  • Approval certificate (see download) that the waste sealing device was properly cleaned before shipping

Do you need a rental device or a cost estimate? Then our service department will be happy to help you!

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