Work surface protection

Improved work safety in pharmaceutical and medical laboratories and cleanrooms.

Absorbent work pads are required for laboratory and cleanroom safety when handling CMR drugs and biological hazardous substances. It is one of the technical protective measures during unpacking, preparation and application of CMR drugs required by TRGS 525 - Hazardous substances in medical care facilities. To prevent contamination of work surfaces, this work, including unpacking, must always be carried out on an absorbent and downwardly impermeable surface.

For this purpose, Berner offers special work pads in different sizes and as sterile and non-sterile versions, which prevent contamination of laboratory surfaces when preparing cytostatics. Our ChemoSorb pads have a similar design, but also allow larger quantities of liquid to be absorbed, up to approx. 4L. These are ideal for placing on the work surface in the safety cabinet to prevent larger spills.