Service for safety cabinets

Testing, maintenance and repair of microbiological safety cabinets and safety cabinets for cytostatics from all manufacturers

Servicing safety cabinets and LAFs (almost all manufacturers) is our core competence.

Regular testing of your workbench is the only way to ensure safety and functionality and comply with legal requirements! We carry out commissioning and routine tests for you in accordance with DIN 12980, DIN EN 12469, VDI 2083 ff. and DIN EN ISO 14644 ff. depending on relevance and agreement.

Of course, you will receive comprehensive documentation for all tests.

Installation, testing, maintenance & repair of:

  • Safety cabinets for cytostatics
  • Microbiological safety cabinets
  • Product protection safety cabinets
  • LAF (LaminarAirFlow) devices

Our highlights:

  • Service for own and third-party cabinets
  • Special installation in laboratories that are difficult to access
  • One partner for all workbenches and ventilation
  • Connection to exhaust air systems
  • Fast repair due to availability of spare parts

We offer the following services:

Filter systems

  • HEPA and ULPA filter check
  • Filter tightness test
  • Leakage test
  • in accordance with VDI 2083 Sheet 3 and DIN EN ISO 14644-3

Filter change

  • In the event of leaks, heavy loading and a drop in filter performance
  • Risk assessment in advance
  • Possible decontamination with H2O2
  • For large filter systems: negative pressure method for safe disposal in the event of contamination with cytostatics, TSE agents, etc.

Air flows

Testing and adjustment of elementary safety devices for personal, product and carry-over protection:

  • Low-turbulence displacement flow
  • Air inlet flow
  • Influence of additional devices on the air flow


Visualization of air flows in new buildings, conversions and central changes:

  • Displacement flow
  • Incoming air flow
  • Direction and low turbulence of air flows
  • Influence of people, such as caterers, etc. on the air flows

Monitoring systems:

Checking the safety systems:

  • Limit value of the displacement flow
  • Limit value of the air inlet flow
  • Windshield position
  • Visual and acoustic warning signals

Personal protection:

Testing on the subject of personal protection:

  • AI discus test
  • Functional unit SWB and laboratory
  • 5-15 test cycles
  • SWB-specific operating point

Electrical Installations

Tests of the electrical installations:

  • Protective conductor resistance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Equivalent conductor current
  • in accordance with BGV A3 and DIN VDE 0701-0702

Lighting and UV-C lamps tets

  • Rated wattage
  • UV-C lamp output
  • Safe operation of UV-C lamps

Sound pressure level measurment

  • Sound pressure level
  • SWB-specific operating point

Temperature and relative humidity measurement

  • Product and experimental conditions
  • Temperature and
  • Relative humidity

Clean rooms

  • Particle cleanliness classes
  • Microbiological control of surfaces and air
  • Proof of laminarity LAF
  • Qualification in accordance with EC GMP guidelines Annex 15

Decontamination with H202

  • Validated method
  • Far superior to formaldehyde
  • Fast, effective, safe and residue-free
  • Enormous time and cost savings

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