Repair of waste sealing equipment

Our SealSafe®

Our SealSafe® waste sealers have been successfully used in many laboratories for decades. The principle is based on the direct aerosol-tight sealing of toxic or infectious waste in a special film tube with a high protective barrier. In biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories, waste sealers are thus an important protective device to meet employee protection and legal requirements.

If your SealSafe® should ever unexpectedly need repair, we will carry it out in our factory! We offer these services for all models of the SealSafe, SealSafe Sensor+ and SealSafe pro series.

We require the following information for this service:

  • Welding unit of the waste sealing unit (without base frame!)
  • Mains cable
  • Foot switch (if available)
  • Error description
  • Note on the cost estimate (if requested)
  • Release certificate (see download) that the waste sealing unit has been properly cleaned before dispatch.

Do you need a loan unit or a cost estimate? Our service department will be happy to assist you!