Earth Hour 2024

Earth Hour 2024 at Berner- Your hour for the earth!

On Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 8.30 pm, people, cities and companies around the world will switch off the lights for 60 minutes. This is Earth Hour. And we're taking part. We are switching off the lights together and setting an example for a climate-friendly society, ambitious climate protection and a strong democracy. After a year in which not only the meteorological climate but also the political climate in Germany has changed, Earth Hour is more important than ever.

Let's set an example together for Earth Hour. For 60 minutes, we will switch off the light at the name of the building. Further information on Earth Hour, the world's largest campaign for climate and environmental protection, can be found at:

What exactly is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a major regular campaign launched by the WWF to raise awareness of climate and environmental protection issues. This year in Germany, we are setting an example for a strong democracy that makes ambitious climate protection possible. The idea behind Earth Hour is very simple: once a year, people all over the world switch off the lights for one hour. Many companies are also taking part and shrouding their company headquarters or business premises in darkness.

How does Berner participate?

To show our support, we switch off our illuminated Berner logo on our building in Elmshorn not only during Earth Hour, but throughout the weekend. However, we don't just want to make a symbolic commitment, we want to go one step further. That's why we are organizing an internal waste collection campaign in the city center of Elmshorn on Friday, 22.03.2024 with some volunteer Berner employees to promote climate protection.

What can I do myself?

Earth Hour shows how many people around the world are fighting together for climate-friendly policies. On March 23 at 8.30 pm, everyone can take part by symbolically switching off the lights in their own homes. Together with the WWF, we are inviting everyone to take part in Earth Hour.

If you would like to take part, please register for the campaign at The WWF will provide you with information and tips for your own Earth Hour.

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