Phase-In claire® neo & Phase-Out claire® pro/pure

To help you plan your projects and purchasing decisions in the present and future, you will find below an overview of the phase-out dates for the claire® pro/pure range and the phase-in dates for the new, innovative claire® neo range.

Phase-In claire® neo models

As microbiological safety cabinets with two filter stages, some claire® neo models will be ready for delivery from the summer. Testing and certification in accordance with EN 12469 has already been completed, meaning that the claire® pro/pure safety cabinets will be replaced here first.

The models B-2-150, B-2-180 and B-2-210 as well as the 3-filter system B-3-150 are designed for use in ECO mode and can therefore be used particularly quietly and energy-efficiently. We expect the first deliveries for existing binding orders to be made in July 2024. For future orders, a delivery time of currently 8 to 12 weeks must be taken into account. We will replace the 3-filter systems somewhat later in a second phase.

For the most frequently requested model sizes, which correspond to the claire® neo models C-3-150 and C-3-180, as well as B-3-150 and B-3-180, we will be able to deliver safety cabinets from October 2024 if orders are placed and approved in good time.

These models will then be tested as microbiological safety cabinets in accordance with EN 12469 and as safety cabinets for cytostatics in accordance with DIN 12980 at both possible operating points in ECO and GMP mode. With the GMP mode for particularly high product protection, these can also be used in GMP-compliant production. From December 2024, we will also be able to serve customer projects with the model sizes B-3-210 and C-3-210, B-3-120 and C-3-120, as well as the B-2-120 version. Translated with (free version)

Earliest delivery dates for claire® neo models*

B-2-150, B-2-180, B-2-210 and B-3-150 in ECO-mode, tested according to EN 12469 from July 2024
C-3-150 and C-3-180 in ECO und GMP-mode, tested according to DIN 12980
from October 2024
B-3-150 and B-3-180 in ECO und GMP-mode, tested according to EN 12469
from October 2024
C-3-210 and C-3-120 in ECO und GMP-mode, tested according to DIN 12980
from December 2024
B-3-210 and B-3-120 in ECO und GMP-mode, tested according to EN 12469
from December 2024
B-2-120 in ECO- und GMP-mode, tested according to EN 12469
from December 2024
* If ordered and approved in sufficient time - generally 8 to 12 weeks before the desired delivery date.

Phase-Out claire® pro/pure

The proven 3-filter systems claire® pro/pure B/C-3-130, 160 and 190 can still be officially ordered until November 30. The phase-out of the claire® pro/pure B-2-130, B-2-160 and B-2-190 models will already take place in the summer.

Binding orders for these models must be placed by July 31. The basis for a delivery here is basically the sufficient availability of central components and an economical implementation in production. If, despite our thorough planning, we are unable to produce individual models ahead of schedule or can only do so uneconomically, we reserve the right to convert such orders into a comparable claire® neo model after consultation.

Individual models in the claire® pro and pure series are expected to be available for a short time after the specified dates via special sales promotions. The phase-out of the claire® pro and pure series also regulates the supply of spare parts for the devices on the market. Here we have provided sufficient capacity for critical parts for at least 10 years.

Other types of safety cabinets from the claire® family will continue to be offered unchanged until further notice, at least until the end of 2024. These include the extra-large claire® xl, our claire® lh with integrated liquid handling station from Brand and the claire® total for working with volatile toxic chemicals under clean conditions. Dates and information on the planned changeover to claire® neo variants in 2025 will follow at a later date.

Phase-out: Last official ordering possibility for claire® pro/pure models*

B-2-130, B-2-160 and B-2-190, microbiological safety cabinets31st July 2024
B-3-130, B-3-160 and B-3-190, microbiological safety cabinets
30th November 2024
C-3-130, C-3-160 and C-3-190, safety cabinets for cytostatics
30th November 2024
* Subject to sufficient availability of key components and depending on the number of orders. If we are no longer able to deliver a model ahead of schedule, we will inform you and offer a conversion to a comparable claire® neo model.