Optimal air distribution & filter technology - safety cabinet Claire® pure

Filter technology - New HEPA-cartridge for even lower sound levels and energy consumption

Filters are the most safety relevant components in safety cabinets. They make up the most important barrier for people, the environment and the product.

As part of a research project we were able to fluid mechanically optimize the HEPA-cartridge filters used in the 3-filter systems. Thanks to a newly designed intake port and air ducts the operating properties have been improved. Noise level and energy consumption have been reduced. The filter life has been optimised.

  • Proven properties have remained the same:
  • Small size and compact design
  • Maximum legroom in 3-filter-systems
  • 50% reduced changing and test expenditure compared to traditional filter systems
  • Possibility of a low contamination filter change in accordance to DIN 12980:2016
  • Fit into many standard waste disposal containers or autoclaves
Hepa cartidge filter

More information about the claire® pure can be found here:

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