manual® SLN 270 protective glove

Nitrile examination protective gloves (type B) with the innovative SafeDon™ dispenser system

The comfortable nitrile examination glove is latex-free and, with its comprehensive permeation tests for important industrial chemicals, is suitable for the safe handling of hazardous substances. The manual® SLN 270 is packaged in the innovative SafeDon™ dispenser system, which has been proven to reduce contamination when donning the non-sterile gloves by up to 96% compared to conventional dispenser boxes.

Product highlights

  • Powder-free nitrile examination glove

  • Latex free and low allergen

  • Textured surface on the fingers (dexterity:highest level 5)

  • Glove length: min. 270 mm

Tested safety and certification

  • According to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Category III

  • Type B chemical protective glove (EN ISO 374-1; EN ISO 374-5)

  • AQL 1.5 (water test)

  • Further tests according to EN 455 for medical glove

CE 2777
Latex free
Protection against chemicals
Protection against microorganisms
Cytostatics tested