Protective clothing

Safe body protection for demanding work in laboratories and cleanrooms.

Our customers can choose from a wide range of protective overalls, protective gowns and other partial protective clothing that ensure safer working with hazardous pharmaceuticals, microbiological antibodies and chemicals such as cytostatics in pharmacy, healthcare and research. As personal protective equipment (PPE), these products are tested according to the PPE Regulation 2016/425, which is currently legally binding in Europe. Only products tested according to the outdated, now invalid PPE Directive 89/686/EEC no longer have sufficient approval.

Our products are especially designed for GMP-compliant production in laboratories and clean rooms as well as for areas that require increased infection protection, pandemic protection and protection against biological hazardous substances and infectious agents such as TBC, MRSA or HIV. Protective clothing should be selected according to the individual risk assessment TRGS 525 and made available to the personnel by the employer on a mandatory basis.