Safe handling of cytostatics and cytostatic solutions.

The most critical point in the preparation of infusions for chemotherapy is the direct handling of highly concentrated solutions of cytostatic drugs in the original container. For dosing, the desired amounts of liquid are usually taken several times from the vials and bottles sealed with a septum. Beforehand, the cytostatic drug in the vial is dissolved by adding liquid to various preparations. The safest way to carry out these procedures is with special withdrawal cannulas, so-called chemo-spikes.

We distribute various special high-quality versions, all of which enable aseptic and aerosol-tight ventilation of the vial and practically complete fluid withdrawal. The chemo-spikes are equipped for multiple withdrawals with valve function or lid. In addition, our spikes offer contamination protection of the cytostatic in the vial for up to 7 days through the Halkey-Roberts valve.