SpillKit application poster

Guide with images for cleaning up spills

Spill accidents with cytostatics could happen because of different reasons at different places.

Spill accidents at possivle places:

  • Production facility of pharmaceutical industry
  • Goods receiving department in hospitals & pharmacies
  • Temporary storage at production rooms
  • In production rooms
  • At oncological wards
  • In oncological practices
  • In oncological veterinary practice
  • At the transportation of cytostatics

In the event of an accident, the spillage should only be removed by trained personnel. But even trained staff could use support in these cases.

The illustrated instructions in poster form should provide guidance for the total elimination of cytostatic contamination after accidents. Step by step, it is explained which measures in which order need to be taken.

Download for free the Use of SpillKit for the disposal of spilt cytotoxins.

The cleanroom-suitable poster in A2 format is also available free of charge from Berner International. Simply send an informal email to info@berner-safety.de or call +49 4121 43560 and request it.