Our technical services

Technical services around the cytostatics or bio laboratory and for the clean room

Quality service is a job for specialists, because it's about your health and safety when working with hazardous substances.

Safety cabinets (SWB) and isolators are one of the most important protective devices in many biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories. In order to permanently maintain the protection of the employees and the product and to fulfil the legal requirements, regular inspection and maintenance of the SWB by certified service technicians according to DIN EN 12469 and DIN 12980 is elementary.

With our nationwide service network, we offer you comprehensive technical services to ensure the safe and reliable functioning of your:

    • Safety workbenches (also from other manufacturers)
    • Product protection workbenches
    • LAF (LaminarAirFlow) units
    • Fume cupboards
    • Hazardous materials cabinets
    • Decontamination of microbiological safety cabinets using H2O2 and services relating to cleanrooms (incl. GMP-compliant documentation).
    You can find more information about our range of services in our service brochure and in our service videos.

    Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified and are regularly certified by TÜV. Continuous training of our staff based on our quality assurance system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is a matter of course.

    Flow measurement in the safety cabinet

    Service for safety cabinets and isolators - Part 1: Flow measurement

    Precisely defined air flows form the protective functions of every safety cabinet. The protective function can only be permanently guaranteed by regular testing. In our video we show you the flow measurement:

    Checklist for servicing safety cabinets

    With the helpful checklist you will learn in 12 steps the service procedure of your safety cabinet. Click here for a free download: