Certified service technicians

Personally certified service technicians

Tested and approved!

Berner International offers a certified service for laboratory equipment in the laboratory and cleanroom.
Our service technicians are very experienced with the devices and proficient in the test procedures.

To ensure it stays that way,  all of our technicians are individually tested by the TÜV every year.
The TÜV personal certification "Expert certificate for service technicians for microbiological safety cabinets and cytostatics cabinets" is considered to be the most comprehensive training course.

A one-week intensive training course followed by a theoretical and practical test together with proof of calibrated measuring equipment leads to personal certification. This specialist knowledge imparted is then reviewed annually. Independent training of all service technicians

  • Annual verification of calibrated measuring equipment
  • State-of-the-art training
  • Especially for safety cabinets
  • Proof of independent personal certificates
  • Proof of a neutral positive list
  • Regular re-certification