SealSafe® pro waste sealing device with cover

Heat-sealing systems for toxic and infectious waste with closed base frame 200704

Laboratory waste that is hazardous to health must be disposed of in a particularly safe manner and requires monitoring, e.g. when handling medicinal products with cmr properties. SealSafe® pro units from Berner are used to safely seal such waste into a special tubular film. The sealing process is triggered without contact by an IR sensor. Hazardous working materials and potentially contaminated working materials are sealed aerosol-tight directly for disposal and safely collected in the waste container. The SealSafe® pro thus avoids the carry-over of hazardous substances in the laboratory and ensures that the waste is conditioned in a way that complies with occupational health and safety requirements. The units can also be used in mobile battery operation and have an integrated separating welding device for all-round convenient and safe disposal. We offer 2 variants with open or closed base frame.


Product highlights 

  • Type-tested and certified sealing unit

  • Aerosol-tight sealing of laboratory waste

  • Sensor technology for contactless sealing 

  • Separate separation welding function

  • Battery operation for maximum mobility


Additional information 

  • Foil tube with high barrier property (Carmustin 7 days).

  • Also prevents odours

  • Different film thicknesses, widths & lengths

  • Can be made up individually

CE Marking
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