Foil tube for Berner SealSafe® / Pacto Safe®

Safe shrink-wrapping of toxic and infectious waste

Foil tube for the waste sealing device Berner SealSafe® pro and Pactosafe®. For easy disposal of waste when handling cytostatics as well as infectious and other toxic waste. Extensive permeation tests prove the barrier function of the foil tube material. Sealed waste can remain safely in the waste container for up to one week.

Yellow- coloured version for biological waste.


Product highlights

  • Increases work safety in the laboratory

  • Aerosol-tight sealing

  • For toxic and infectious wastes

  • Extensive permeation tests


Dimensions and material 

  • 3-fold PE film hose according to the special formulation

  • Highly tear-resistant, stretchable and weldable

  • Can be made up individually

  • Available sterile and non-sterile