Manu N protective glove

Powder and latex-free nitrile chemical protective glove (type B)

This nitrile chemical protective glove manufactured by Berner has long chemical permeation breakthrough times and thus offers the best protective properties against a wide range of cytostatics, chemicals and biological agents. In addition, this cytostatic and chemical protective glove is ideal for latex allergy sufferers because it is latex-free and very low in allergens. It is suitable for double-gloving and as a sterile version with triple polyethylene packaging ideal for GMP-compliant production. 


Product highlights

  • Powder- and latex-free nitrile glove 

  • Optimal for GMP compliant production of cytostatics

  • Excellent for double gloving

  • Sterile version in triple polyethylene packaging suitable for use in cleanrooms


Tested safety and certification

  • Certified according to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Category III)

  • Type B protective glove against hazardous chemicals and microorganisms (EN ISO 374, EN 16523-1)

  • AQL 1.5 (water test)

  • Additionally tested according to ASTM F1671 (virus test)

  • Additionally tested as medical glove (EN 455)

CE 2777
Protection against microorganisms
Protection against chemicals
Latex free