Pandemic Protection Set

Complete infection control set with certified PPE

The pandemic set contains tested personal protective equipment (PPE) for one person according to the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infection protection sets of type 1. It provides safe protection against infectious agents and is suitable for emergency personnel who are in biological danger areas (max. 8 hours) in panic or epidemic situations. Decontamination is possible to a limited extent with this variant, but reference is made to the lack of gas filter protection. 


Product highlights 

  • Contains PPE, certified according to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (category III)

  • Suitable for epidemics and pandemics with highly pathogenic agents

  • Complies with RKI specifications for type 1 infection control clothing

  • Individually adapted sets available on request



  • Chemical protective coverall and overboots type 3-B / PB [3]-B (EN 14126)

  • Gas-tight and anti-fog goggles (EN 166)

  • Particle-filtering FFP3 respirator (EN 149)

  • Two pairs of Berner chemical protective gloves (EN ISO 374-5)

  • Accessories - Detailed instructions, duct tape, bin liner, cable ties