Absorbent prep mats with blue mesh structure

Disposable prep mats for cytostatics and biological agents from Berner

Specially designed for use in safety cabinets when handling cytostatics or biological agents, the work pads impress with their outstanding absorption capacity. Contamination of surfaces is prevented by the three-layer structure. Also well suited as protection against contamination when applying chemotherapeutic agents to patients and as a collection medium in cytostatic transport containers.


Product highlights

  • For handling cytostatics and biological agents.

  • Required according to TRGS 525 for the preparation of CMR drugs.

  • Reduces cleaning effort, increases laboratory safety

  • Extra absorbent, non-slip and low in particles


Dimensions and material

  • Top layer for even distribution

  • Extremely absorbent middle layer

  • Bottom layer impermeable to liquids

  • Available in 2 sizes and in non-sterile and sterile versions

Latex free