Absorbent prep mats pads with white mesh structure

Disposable prep mats for cytostatics and biological agents from Berner

Absorbent, latex-free white work pads in 3-layer system with honeycomb pattern, to prevent contamination in the laboratory and during chemotherapy. The optimal structure of the pads offers high liquid absorption and good stability for drugs and work utensils. For use in safety cabinets when working with cytostatics and biological agents, and as a collection medium in cytostatics transport containers.


Product highlights

  • Upper layer highly absorbent

  • Reliable barrier property

  • Non-slip bottom layer

  • Latex free and low particulate


Dimensions and material

  • 3-layer system

  • Middle barrier layer impermeable to liquids

  • Sterile and non-sterile available

  • Practical dispenser box (non-sterile)

Latex free